STAR Device Monitor

STAR Device Monitor SDM1988

Continuous monitoring of servers, web applications and network devices.

Easy to use downtime monitoring of websites and servers !

STAR Device Monitor is used to continuously monitor websites, web-based apps, server equipment and many other network devices within the LAN and the Internet.

Keep an eye upon your digital business to avoid downtimes and high subsequent costs. STAR Device Monitor will help you to detect possible outages at an early stage.

It's easy to work with the intuitive graphical user interface. Set up individual testing procedures and configure notification options for each monitored resource in minutes.

STAR Device Monitor works independently and requires no scripts or tracking tools installed on the monitored resources. Designed for an endless range of applications and highest compatibility to server operating systems, hardware and software.

Besides the typical ping tests, STAR Device Monitor is offering various protocols and connection methods like HTTP/HTTPS, POP3/POP3S, SMTP/SMTPS as well as general TCP connections.

Many parameters can be adjusted according to your needs: Delay between single checks, timeouts and threshold values till sending failure notifications, consideration of daily maintenance windows and more.

HTTP(S) connection checks are supporting custom HTTP headers, GET/POST requests, password authentication and even provide the ability to look for particular keywords in the retrieved contents (this is great for watching database-driven web applications or monitoring complex software installations).

In case of downtimes and failures you get notified instantly. Either remotely on your local computer (pop-up window, sound or voice alerts) or even by e-mail or SMS (text messaging).

Tip: STAR Device Monitor is also a great tool to keep an eye upon your backlinks shared with other websites. Automatically monitor backlinks to your site and get notified if they are removed or altered.

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STAR Device Monitor


STAR Device Monitor SDM1988

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    This is NOT free. It's a demo that DOES NOT save its settings..
    This is NOT free. It's a demo that DOES NOT sa...   More